Ali Ahmed Al Obeidli

At North25, while our commitment to serving clients is primary, what sets us apart from others in the industry is the breadth and depth of our services, and the lengths we take to ensure that we deliver on-budget and on-time. This is one of the reasons we are entrusted with projects spanning millions of square feet: destinations, neighborhoods, shopping malls, hotels, and clinics, which eventually get footfall in the millions.

As the region’s leading provider of services to large and small construction projects that are shaping the world we live in, the success of our global team of experts continues to be guided by a focus on creating value.

Whether small and mid-sized firms to large multinationals, we understand how important it is for our customers, from small and mid-sized firms to large multinationals, to maximize their investments, and we are proud to be in an advisory capacity to such a diverse group of business leaders across the Middle East.

On behalf of the management team at North25, we look forward to bringing more of your visions to life.