At North25, we understand that project development can be a massive undertaking, with potential challenges at every turn. Which is why we offer a range of solutions and services that can offer turnkey benefits as well as add value even mid-way through a project.

Our development management services support each stage of a project lifecyle, right from receiving the ‘vision’ brief to carrying out due diligence, appointing consultants, design, procurement of contractors and especially during the construction and handover phase. Our wide-ranging experience managing some of the most ambitious and complex projects in the UAE has demonstrated that centralised management takes man-hours, specialisation, market knowledge and a passion to succeed. This is what North25 promises to each of our clients.

Project Conceptualisation

The North25 team follows a time-tested approach to onboarding clients by making sure that we see the vision for your project exactly as you imagined it.

The initial briefing meeting is the first step to our development management model, which prioritises the full spectrum of objectives set by the client. We record the project’s Capital Outlay Plan, RoI parameters, Location and Execution requirements. This informs our understanding of the new venture’s approach and philosophy.

Project Management

The success of a project is almost always determined by the robustness of the project management process. We consider this the most crucial phase of the project cycle, when decisions can make or break the development.

We work with our clients to weigh their choices and settle on the ones that have the most longstanding positive impact on the project. Through solid market research and expertise, we approach this phase as an opportunity to ‘storyboard’ the client’s vision.

Our qualified, well-experienced project managers offer clients a simplified view of the entire project cycle, from conceptualisation, to front-end management, design, contruction and delivery.

Front-end Development Management

Front-end management offers a valuable opportunity to test concepts and ideas, no matter how larger than life they may seem.

During this phase, we juxtapose various options and preferences with costs, and arrive at meticulously reviewed blueprints for the project. At the end of the day, the balance we bring to this process ensures that the potential to add value and the cost to change elements of the project complement each other in the most effective way.

Design Management

Design is everything in a project. It is the underlying factor that determines size, complexity, cost, and ultimately the success of the development.

At North25, we house a team of expert designers to ensure clients get the best version possible of the project, without compromise.

Design management of course does not stop at concept development or schematic plans. It requires relevant approvals from authorities, tender finalisation and stage-gate approvals – all of which are accounted for in this fully provisioned service offering.

Cost Management

Not every client is prepared for cost-related challenges, and we understand this well.

Our cost management service supports clients across each critical requirement, whether it is planning, estimating, budgeting and controlling costs.


Navigating the broad network of consultants and contractors in the region can get tricky, especially if the project timelines are tight.

North25 is home to one of the most comprehensive databases of construction experts, for services, materials and every other requirement in the project lifecycle.

What is more, we vouch for these suppliers, based on our experience working with them. By taking this responsibility off the hands of our clients, we guarantee them complete peace of mind.

Final Completion and Handover

With construction being the longest phase in the project lifecycle, we give our clients clear and comparitive progress reports on a month-on-month basis, to ensure every part of the plan is accounted for.

During this phase, we take special care to manage FF&E/OS&E procurement, installation and coordination. We also ensure the project has achieved Beneficial Occupation, and can oversee tenant coordination, if required.

Project handover and close-out are delivered with exceptional precision, offering a one-stop, final account of the development to clients.